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Editing Update

Mike, Dan and Bob are currently making final decisions on the running order for the anthology. This is not an easy process. We received dozens of abstracts, and while we’d love to keep them all, the resulting book would stretch to several volumes, and none of us could afford to buy it. We’re trying to create a coherent collection of essays that complement and speak to each other, without sacrificing the delightful diversity that has reached our inbox since we put out our Call for Papers late last year.

We’ve attracted a mixture of established scholars (some of the biggest names in the field, we should say) and new researchers, so we’ll try and preserve that mix as far as possible. Hopefully we’ll be in a position to reveal the line-up soon.

We’d like to invite those whose essays we just can’t fit into the printed collection to submit versions of their papers to this blog. We plan to flesh out this site as we go along, compiling an extensive bibliography on the subject of special effects, plus links and shorter relevant articles. Essays hosted on this site will be closely associated with the main collection, fully reviewed and edited by the book’s editors, and they’ll even have the chance to incorporate more multimedia content than printed essays. Of course, you might want to take your essay to another anthology or journal for publication. But we’d love to have you here, as well. We’re hoping that this site to grow into an online hub for supporting, developing and launching the book, and this can be where some of the ensuing dialogue and discussion takes place: these essays will inspire and provoke, and we want to draw together some of the debates that follow.

If you’d like to follow the book’s progress (it should pick up some momentum over the coming months), you can subscribe to this blog, and/or follow us on Twitter.