The Bibliography is Open

This blog is proud to unveil the bare bones of its newest addition. The Bibliography page, which you can find by following this link, or by selecting ‘Bibliography’ at the top of the main page, will gather references to print and online texts related to the study of special and visual effects in cinema. We have started adding some bibliographic references, and one or two weblinks, and will add more as and when we get the chance. The organisation of the list, and the subject headings, may change as we accumulate more references, and any suggestions on how we can make it clearer and easier to use would be greatly appreciated. Should we, for instance, expand the scope into areas such as television studies or pre-cinematic visual media, optical illusions, etc.?

It is hoped that the list will keep on expanding, and we invite contributions from anybody interested in this area. You can either add comments directly at the bottom of the page, or email us at We’ll find a way to credit you for your contribution at the bottom of the page, and together we can work towards the most complete, extensive, and freely accessible Special Effects bibliography possible.


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I am a former film studies lecturer. Now teaching high-school Film and English in Qingdao, China. View all posts by Dan North

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